Restaurant Olivia Rotterdam

Oliva has to be one of the best restaurants in Rotterdam. The food is sublime and the service: first class. What sets Oliva aside from most other restaurants is the unique way they have with the “chefs suggestion”. If you order the “suggestion”, you don’t know what it is until it’s served. The staff will ask you if there’s anything you don’t like, after that you have to wait and see (and taste) what it is. The meal is then served by the chef who made it, he then tells you all about the dish, what it is, where it came from, how it was prepared – quite unique. Whenever I dine at Oviva I aways take the chefs menu and it's always exceptional.
The menu is largely Italian but some French influence can also be found. The restaurant is located in Witte de Withstraat; the cultural centre of Rotterdam, a fascinating street full of art galleries, bars and restaurants.
I highly recommend Oliva, the price/quality/service is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

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