Dutch Museum Saba


The Foundation Dutch Museum on Saba is responsible for the preservation and for exhibitions of antiquities
inherited by René Caderius van Veen.

The antiquities were inherited by his grandmother mrs A.J.C. Caderius van Veen–Steenhoff.
But unfortunately another part of the collections was lost in WW II in 1944, when the house was torn down by the Germans, because they wanted to have a free shooting field near the bridge in Arnhem. (Operation Market Garden)

After the evacuation René and his grandmother stayed in Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland in the North of the Netherlands for 7 years. There he was almost always present when visiting antiqueshops etc. and even as a little boy of four years old (and later) he was always asked what he liked the most.
This explains his affinity with a large part of the collection.
Before moving to Saba in January 2011, his two sons were offered the whole collection and they have all the antiquities of their choice.

In order to give all those antiquities that are on Saba a function, exhibitions were organised and now even in a permanent way.
The idea is that also in the future the collection will have a function for tourism on Saba.

Unique for the Caribbean:
Dutch collections of antiques,
150 to 400 years old

Furniture 1500 - 1850, Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XVI, Empire, Chippendale

Paintings 1750 - 1900 (18 pieces)

Dutch Tiles from 1625 - 1900 (150 pieces)

Antique Books and Bibles 1640 – 1777 (50 pieces)
Many with spectacular copper engravings

Tin (25 pieces), Copper (40 pieces), etc.

Lamps, chandeliers, mirrors etc.

Lacework :
Needle lace; Bobbin lace; Cutwork, Tape lace Crotcheted Lace, Guipure, Frivolité etc.,
1800 - 1920 (90 pieces)

Authentic China:
porcelain 1600 – 1775, Kraakporceain,
Wan-Li, Kangxi, Bataviaware, Quianlong,
Japanese Edo (56 pieces)

European porcelain and earthenware:
1650 - 1775 (133 pieces)
Dresden Saxony, Limoges (1912),
Harlingen (Friesland) etc.

Persian tapestries:
(rugs, camel-bags, etc.) 1750 - 1880
(26 pieces), Ardabil, Baluch, Heriz, Shiraz and nomads

Coins (250 pieces) etc. etc

Park Lane str. 12, Windwardside
phone: +599-416 6030 / 4165856


Every day from 1 – 5 PM
and other times: on request

also for PPT-presentations
and video's / films
about collections and/or
the history of the WIC
(West Indian Company)
or other historical materials.

West Indische Compagnie